Food for the Hungry  started working in Guatemala in 1976 after an earthquake killed more than 22,000 people and left 1 million without homes. Since then, Guatemala has faced many natural disasters and economic challenges. FH is working to keep children in school and building healthy communities. From August 4 – 9,  follow some of incredibly talented bloggers as they recount their experiences each day as they journey to FH communities in Guatemala. Through words and pictures learn more about life in Guatemala, FH’s work, and opportunities to get involved.


Allison Vesterfelt

Allison Vesterfelt is a writer, managing editor of Prodigal Magazine and author of Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage (Moody, 2013). She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Darrell.

Darrell Vesterfelt

Darrell Vesterfelt is the founder of the Prodigal Press. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife Ally. He loves helping people discover the power of their story. Darrell is the original #unblogger.

Raechel Myers

Raechel Myers is a Michigander by birth, but a Southern girl at heart. She began blogging at Finding My Feet just a few months after her daughter Evie Grace was stillborn at 32 weeks. Five years later, she still writes about family and faith, but with a degree in Housing and Environmental Design, she also loves to infuse her corner of the internet with fun DIY projects, sewing tutorials, and the occasional half marathon. Raechel is also a co-founder and writer at She and her husband Ryan live outside of Nashville with their two children, whom they can only hope will ultimately serve the Lord and take their dishes to the sink.

Sarah Matheny

Sarah Matheny left her life as a family law attorney to raise a family nearly ten years ago, with every intention of returning to a corner office someday. When she became a stay-at-home mom, she started blogging to share the joys, successes and laughs that come from raising a family with a love of veggies and a love of God, and she never looked back. Even with a full plate, she feels the grumbly, gaping holes in her life that can only be filled and satisfied by a merciful and grace-giving Father. She's published a New York Times best-selling memoir cookbook, Peas and Thank You, and continues to feed her readers their daily recipe and/or glimpse into life with the Peas at

Michelle Sarabia

Michelle lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband of 15 years. Their home is filled with four teenagers and not a moment goes by when she realizes they’ll be adults soon. She has blogged at Beyond Brave for the last five years writing about moments that inspire, encourage and challenge her readers faith.


Lindsey Nobles

Lindsey, a native Texan, a habitual twitterer, sporadic blogger, and conference enthusiast, has recently joined the Food for the Hungry team as Director of Speakers and Strategic Partnerships. She is passionate about mobilizing others to go to the hard places and bring hope and help to the children.

Jeremy Reis

Jeremy Reis is the Director of Digital Marketing for Food for the Hungry. He is the husband to Jennica, father of 6, and professor at Ohio Christian University in his spare time.


Jessica Taylor

Whether dancing in Kenya with the Maasai tribe, swimming with the locals in Lake Kivu, exploring labyrinths in Eastern Europe or marching with soldiers in Sudan- these encounters have deepened Jessica’s love for people and challenged her to bridge the gap between her life, and the lives of those around the world.

Jessica finds joy in creating images that empower, and communicate people of dignity and hope, even through unthinkable trial. With a passion for humanity, she partners with organizations and visionaries to produce visual stories that challenge and motivate a watching world to act.